ViewCube not aligned with Crosshairs in Civil 3D 2011

Type in PLAN and then choose W for World coordinate system.  Crosshairs look great.  UCS Icon…

Working with a Civil 3D Surface in Carlson/IntelliCAD

What CAD software features matter to Surveyors?

LandXML Version Matrix for Civil 3D and Land Desktop

Civil 3D – Land Desktop – LandXML Version Matrix When converting Civil 3D data back to a previous…

LandXML from Carlson Survey to Civil 3D

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MrSID images in Civil 3D 2011

Using FDO to display MrSID and ECW image file formats in Civil 3D 2011.

Point Label Style in Civil 3D – Leader on wrong side

Point Label Style Dragged State with the leader attached to the wrong side of the label.

Civil 3D Survey Field Codes Help on your Mobile Phone

Civil 3D 2010 Survey Field Codes Help on your Mobile Phone.

Civil 3D 2010 Service Pack? How do you tell what version?

Updated 2010-01-02.  As I was browsing the Civil 3D Reminders blog searching for another solution I…

AutoCAD Civil 3D Workshops

Advanced Surveying Technology provides live instructor-led lecture style workshops for Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and many other…