Create a Retaining Wall for a Corridor using Subassembly Studio

Subassembly Studio by CADArtisans allows you to create custom .NET parametric subassemblies for AutoCAD Civil 3D.  This subassembly show in the video was created using Subassembly Studio V1.04 from Cad Artisans (

This subassembly consists of a fill slope that intercepts a target surface. If the horizontal distance from the insertion point to the intercept point exceeds a user-specified MaxWidth, a retaining wall is inserted at the MaxWidth and the slope is reconstructed to target the back of the retaining wall. This subassembly was created in approximately 8.5 minutes from start to finish, including importing into AutoCAD Civil 3d and inserting into a corridor model.

The primary strategy when creating subassemblies is to first create the positions and behaviors of points.  The links are defined next from a list of points.  The shapes are defined from a list of links.

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The NPR program Science Friday had a segment on the brain’s ability to multitask. The conclusion is that the human brain is not very good at multitasking, in fact what happens is you simply jump from one focus to another. I think this subject is very relevant to performing CAD tasks. You need to put aside distractions to be more effective at CAD.  Listen to the segment and see if this changes they way you work.