ViewCube not aligned with Crosshairs in Civil 3D 2011

Type in PLAN and then choose W for World coordinate system.  Crosshairs look great.  UCS Icon looks perfect. ViewCube is rotated a little bit.  Why?   

I figured it out about 2 months ago then ran into the same problem today.  Could not find any of my notes on the solution. I checked every system variable I could think of.  Clicked on the Top hot spot on the ViewCube and the orientation of the ViewCube changed to due North as it should.  Now the crosshairs are rotated.  OK, I’ll spare you the rest of the agony I went through.  




A dialog box appears offering a few choices.  Choose Edit.  The North direction setting should be zero.  If not, your crosshairs and UCS Icon are not aligned with the Compass on the ViewCube. If you never intended to have a geographic location setting for the drawing you can choose Remove.  


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