Add vertices to a Feature Line in Civil 3D

For the long time users of Land Desktop and Civil 3d you have relied on a command to Add Vertices to 3d plines.  Things have changed and you need to recalibrate your skills.  After getting over my initial anger and frustration thinking I’ve lost functionality. I found a blog post by Scott McEachron that brought the “duh” back into my internal conversation.

Insert Elevation Point then use the Increment option.

Thanks Scott

Spar Point Group – Head in the Point Clouds – The impact of Revit 2012 accepting point clouds

I am at the SPAR Conference in Houston this week.  I thought you might like to hear some news about Revit 2012 and it’s support of Point Cloud data.  Navisworks seems to be the preferred solution for the Construction market because it supports so many file formats as well as point cloud data.  The link below is from a blog post on

Spar Point Group – Head in the Point Clouds – The impact of Revit 2012 accepting point clouds.

Create a Retaining Wall for a Corridor using Subassembly Studio

Subassembly Studio by CADArtisans allows you to create custom .NET parametric subassemblies for AutoCAD Civil 3D.  This subassembly show in the video was created using Subassembly Studio V1.04 from Cad Artisans (

This subassembly consists of a fill slope that intercepts a target surface. If the horizontal distance from the insertion point to the intercept point exceeds a user-specified MaxWidth, a retaining wall is inserted at the MaxWidth and the slope is reconstructed to target the back of the retaining wall. This subassembly was created in approximately 8.5 minutes from start to finish, including importing into AutoCAD Civil 3d and inserting into a corridor model.

The primary strategy when creating subassemblies is to first create the positions and behaviors of points.  The links are defined next from a list of points.  The shapes are defined from a list of links.

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Performance Tips for Civil 3D 2011

Autodesk has created a video outlining ways you can improve the performance of Civil 3d 2011.  It discusses performance tests comparing Civil 3D settings for points, surfaces, labels, corridor models and more.  You won’t find any discussions on hardware, operating systems, or AutoCAD settings. Those topics are covered in a related post.

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Point Cloud Software race to be the best

I compiled a short list of software manufacturers offering point cloud software.  The race is on to see who can come up with the best modeling tools to transform a point cloud into intelligent 3d data.

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3d laser scanning conference report

SPAR2010 3d laser scanning conference. A whole new world of business opportunities.

SPAR2010I attended the SPAR2010 conference in Houston last week.  Terrestrial LiDAR is where I see new opportunities for traditional survey firms.  The process piping, mining, and transportation sectors are all becoming aware of the benefits of this technology as well as the architectural, archeaological, and forensic science professions.  This is your chance to get on the bus and get a good seat.  The win-win benefits for all stakeholders are real and measurable.

The key benefits of 3d laser scanning are the big cost savings, time savings, higher quality deliverables and better site safety aspects.  Learn more about this growing industry at  Also check out LiDAR News.

3d Laser Scanning incorporated into a plan set

3d laser scan of a real estate project in Oviedo, FL Fly-over showing the point cloud.

Allen & Company is one of our customers involved in providing 3d laser scanning services.  They produced a very nice video of one of their projects.  See how they integrated the point cloud and digital photos into their plan set.  They also added value to their deliverable by doing a fly-over video showing the point cloud. This gives their audience a better sense of the scope and scale of the project using an animated 3d tour.   Continue reading “3d Laser Scanning incorporated into a plan set”