Converting a PDF to a Georeferenced Image using Raster Design

I created a 10 min. video describing how to convert a .pdf file to an image then aligning the image in AutoCAD 2014. Using Raster Design 2014 the image is exported with a world file created during the export process.

PDF to Georeferenced Image

Remember to visit the Video Codecs page if you are unable to see the video.

MrSID images in Civil 3D 2011

Using FDO to display MrSID and ECW image file formats in Civil 3D 2011.

Those who use Civil 3D without Raster Design can get the Raster Design Object enabler to enable you to insert MrSID and ECW image file formats using the MAPIINSERT command. This command inserts an image as a Raster Object. There is another way to display images in Civil 3D. Continue reading “MrSID images in Civil 3D 2011”