Creating a Dashed Linetype for a Pipe in Civil 3D

Dashed Linetype for a Pipe in Civil 3D

In Civil 3D you want to create a dashed linetype as shown in this picture.  The solution has several parts.  The easy part, make a copy of the Double Line (Storm).  I called my new style Double Line Dashed (Storm).  On the Display Tab > Plan View toggle ON Centerline.  Change the Linetype to DASHED.  Set the Lineweight to 2.0mm.  To see the spectacular result switch to a layout and set the viewport to 1:20 scale.  Assign a plot style in Page Setup Manager.  Toggle on Display Plot Style in the Page Setup Manager.  Go back to the layout and look at your pipe.  You may notice this produces rounded ends on your thick centerline but you want square ends.  Set the Line End Style to Butt in the Plot Style to make square ends on the dashed linetype.   

Civil 3D 2011 – Importing Styles and Settings

In Civil 3D 2011 there are two new commands to help with importing styles. Peter Funk explained them in a Civil 3D discussion group post.  In case the link goes dead I copied the post below.

(The Subscription Advantage Pack has added a dialog to these commands making them much easier to use.)     

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