Changing Dashes to Degrees Symbol in Civil 3D Reports Output

Your report displays a bearing as S 14-42-4.233 W
You want to change the format to S 14° 42′ 04″ W

Original Bearing Format with Dashes
Original Bearing Format with Dashes
Corrected Bearing Format
Corrected Bearing Format

To correct the bearing format make changes to this file
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2017\enu\Data\Reports\xsl\General_Formating_JScript.xsl

Edited Line 216 to correct formatting of
function formatAngleToDMS(angle)

Change this on line 216
return degrees + “-” + minutes + “-” + seconds;
to this
return degrees + “° ” + minutes + “‘ ” + seconds + “””;

The distance precision is set in the Report Settings as you would expect. The Report Settings has no control for angular precision. You want control over angular precision so continue editing General_Formatting_JScript.xls.  Line 16 controls the precision of the angle’s seconds.  A value of 2 means 100ths of a second will be displayed.

Convert MTEXT to COGO Points in Civil 3D

You have MTEXT in your drawing that represents spot elevations. You would like COGO Points instead. Use the DATAEXTRACTION command to create a .csv file. With a little editing in Excel you can create a NEZ.csv file. Import Points from File using the NEZ format.

Civil 3D Q&A

At the FSMS Manasota Chapter meeting 2016-05-04 I answered a few Civil 3D questions that may be helpful to others.

Q. Scott had a tool tip stick to his screen running AutoCAD Map 3D on a Dell Laptop.
A. I had the same problem.  Try updating your video driver.

Q. Dave asked about what to do with dwf files.
A. Use them as an xref.  You can snap to the geometry

Q. Kavin asked how to get Civil 3D to display DMS instead of DecDeg.
A. Edit the Drawing Settings > Ambient Settings (tab) and edit the Direction format to correctly display Bearings.  Edit the Angle format to display Central Angle and Degree of Curvature labels in DMS format instead of decimal degrees.

Edit DTEXT and it disappears – (Civil 3d 2012 bug with a workaround)

I have DTEXT in a title block. I edit the text and it disappears. Regen gets it back but you cannot do anything with the text afterward.

Change the TEXTED system variable to 1. This changes the editor to the old style editor. Wait for a service pack to fix this bug.
Run AUDIT on the drawing.
If the TEXTED variable is already set to 1 an AUDIT seemed to correct the problem if it persists.

Preserve Original Layers for Land Desktop Points

Convert Land Desktop Points


You have a Land Desktop drawing containing points.  You want to convert the points to Civil 3D points.  You also want to keep those points on their original layers.  When you convert the points the Civil 3D points are all on layer V-NODE.  How do you keep the original layers?

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Civil 3D Installation Tips

Civil 3d installation help and product documentation in web, pdf, and video formats.

Autodesk has posted YouTube videos on installing Civil 3D.  It covers both Single User Stand-Alone licensed and Network licensed versions of Civil 3D.  Links to Installation documenation for Civil 3D 2011  is at the bottom of this post.

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Object enabler for Land Desktop Objects in Civil 3D

Having trouble viewing Land Desktop Contours in Civil 3D?  Visit Autodesk’s object enabler assistant web page.

From the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 User Documentation…
Opening a Land Desktop Drawing

Land Desktop data is not automatically converted to Civil 3D objects
Geometric data, such as contours, quick sections, grading objects, and curve text, are displayed in AutoCAD Civil 3D as Land Desktop objects. For more information, see the Civil Object Enabler Help

Civil 3D cannot read the LDT Contour data directly

AECExportToAutoCAD Creates Plines with elevations

see also
Using the Object Enabler
The Object Enabler is available on the AutoCAD Civil 3D installation CD and on the Autodesk web site at

see also
Drawing Sharing Command Reference in the Civil 3d help file.  It lists all the commands such as ExportToAutoCAD2010 and each command’s description.

If you need a specific file version and you are running just AutoCAD there is -AECEXPORTTOAUTOCAD2000 or -AECECPORTTOAUTOCAD2004 or eTransmit with the option to explode AEC objects will give you the same results.

Using -PURGE (the command line version of PURGE) and choosing RegApps option will also clean out unnecessary Registered Applications that may cause stability problems with your drawing.

Thanks to Matt W and R. Robert Bell for their discussion group posts which provided content for this article.

Civil 3D Performance – OS and hardware tips included

Brian Kling from Autodesk describes the hardware, software, operating system characteristics that affect Civil 3D performance.  This was published in 2009 so it addresses Civil 3d 2010.  Civil 3d 2010 is only available as a 32bit application.  Civil 3d 2011 is both 32bit and 64bit compatible.

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Performance Tips for Civil 3D 2011

Autodesk has created a video outlining ways you can improve the performance of Civil 3d 2011.  It discusses performance tests comparing Civil 3D settings for points, surfaces, labels, corridor models and more.  You won’t find any discussions on hardware, operating systems, or AutoCAD settings. Those topics are covered in a related post.

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