Converting a PDF to a Georeferenced Image using Raster Design

I created a 10 min. video describing how to convert a .pdf file to an image then aligning the image in AutoCAD 2014. Using Raster Design 2014 the image is exported with a world file created during the export process.

PDF to Georeferenced Image

Remember to visit the Video Codecs page if you are unable to see the video.

Point Cloud overlaid in a Profile in Civil 3d 2011.

The image shows a Profile View in Civil 3D 2011 with AutoCAD solids projected.  I chose not to do a vertical exaggeration but you can correctly display vertically exaggerated AutoCAD solids in a profile view.  The real sizzle here is slicing through a point cloud and having it displayed in the profile view.  Unfortunately, plotting does not include this point cloud data

Point cloud as background for a profile



Object enabler for Land Desktop Objects in Civil 3D

Having trouble viewing Land Desktop Contours in Civil 3D?  Visit Autodesk’s object enabler assistant web page.

From the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 User Documentation…
Opening a Land Desktop Drawing

Land Desktop data is not automatically converted to Civil 3D objects
Geometric data, such as contours, quick sections, grading objects, and curve text, are displayed in AutoCAD Civil 3D as Land Desktop objects. For more information, see the Civil Object Enabler Help

Civil 3D cannot read the LDT Contour data directly

AECExportToAutoCAD Creates Plines with elevations

see also
Using the Object Enabler
The Object Enabler is available on the AutoCAD Civil 3D installation CD and on the Autodesk web site at

see also
Drawing Sharing Command Reference in the Civil 3d help file.  It lists all the commands such as ExportToAutoCAD2010 and each command’s description.

If you need a specific file version and you are running just AutoCAD there is -AECEXPORTTOAUTOCAD2000 or -AECECPORTTOAUTOCAD2004 or eTransmit with the option to explode AEC objects will give you the same results.

Using -PURGE (the command line version of PURGE) and choosing RegApps option will also clean out unnecessary Registered Applications that may cause stability problems with your drawing.

Thanks to Matt W and R. Robert Bell for their discussion group posts which provided content for this article.

Point Cloud Software race to be the best

I compiled a short list of software manufacturers offering point cloud software.  The race is on to see who can come up with the best modeling tools to transform a point cloud into intelligent 3d data.

Continue reading “Point Cloud Software race to be the best”

Sheet Sets – Fields Do Not Update in Title Block

I was having difficulty updating fields in my title block. I would make a change in the sheet set and REGEN but none of the attributes containing fields linked to the sheet set work. I had it working when I first inserted the block. What I found to work is using the UPDATEFIELD command but that was very inefficient. Continue reading “Sheet Sets – Fields Do Not Update in Title Block”

Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010

Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010 are not displayed by default. Use this clever and convenient technique to get Toolbars to display.

You open Civil 3D 2010 and choose the Civil 3D Complete Workspace.  The Ribbon looks great but there are no Toolbars turned on.  I’ll show you a quick way to get a Toolbar to display.  Continue reading “Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010”