MrSID images in Civil 3D 2011

Those who use Civil 3D without Raster Design can get the Raster Design Object enabler to enable you to insert MrSID and ECW image file formats using the MAPIINSERT command. This command inserts an image as a Raster Object. There is another way to display images in Civil 3D. In Civil 3D 2011 you do not need an object enabler to connect to a MrSID file. This file format is supported by FDO.The main advantage to connecting to an image using FDO is better memory management of images. Use Feature Data Objects (FDO) to “connect” to an image rather than “insert” the image. FDO is a part of Map 3D which is a part of Civil 3D. Type MAPWSPACE on the command line to turn ON the Task Pane. On the Display Manager Tab click on the Data button and choose Connect to Data. Now you have the Data Connect palette open. On the left side highlight Add Raster Image or Surface Connection. On the right side choose one of the buttons above the Connect button (grayed out). The one on the left allows you to connect to a single image file. The one on the right allows you to connect to an entire folder of images. The rest of the process is fairly intuitive so I’ll end it here.

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  1. Going the FDO route, do you know of an option to clip the boundary. I have a 326 MB sid, (from usda download site) comes in great via FDO,but only need to view the top 1/4 for current layout. the image processing is slow with the whole file.

    1. After I connected to a jp2 image using the FDO feature in Map I tried to use the ImageClip command. I got a prompt to select the image but it would not select the image. Listing the object that I selected and autocad reports it as an ACMAPGISGRIDSURFACEENTITY. The LIST command also shows the clip boundary as rectangular. Sorry, I have not found a way to add or modify a clip boundary on this object.

    1. A wipeout may be effective at producing the desired visual display. Doug is looking for improving performance using a large image file. The benefit of the Image Clip is the program has less image to process for display purposes and therefore responds better to pan and zoom commands while the image is loaded.

  2. I’m having this same problem with not being able to use IMAGECLIP on a MrSid file using the FDO route. I’ve googled the problem like everyone else probably has and cannot find an answer.

  3. Zoom into the area you want visible. Right click the image layer in Display Manager and choose Query to Filter Data. The edge of the drawing display becomes your image display limits.

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