Point Cloud Software race to be the best

I compiled a short list of software manufacturers offering point cloud software.  The race is on to see who can come up with the best modeling tools to transform a point cloud into intelligent 3d data.


Autodesk Civil Resource Center

 Visit the Road and Highways webcasts on 3D laser scanning

Autodesk Labs Utilities Shape Extraction for AutoCAD
Feature: shape_extraction_autocad

Autodesk Labs – Point Cloud add-on for 3ds Max Design
Feature: 3dsmax_pointcloud

Autodesk Labs Technologies Project Photofly
Feature: photofly

Carlson Point Cloud
Some great tools to create 3d geometry, cogo points, terrain models, 3d meshes, and 3d views
Website: http://www.carlsonsw.com/PL_CS_PointCloud.html

Desktop Surveying, photorealistic scenes
Website: http://www.intelisum.com


kubit USA, Software for Surveying, Construction and Architecture
Website: www.kubitusa.com

Point Tools

Check out their module called Edit: www.pointools.com
 makers of phase based scanning equipment is a reseller for Point Tools

Virtual Geomatics

Features LiDAR Software
Website: www.virtualgeomatics.com

Leica Cloudworkx for AutoCAD
Website: http://www.leica-geosystems.com/en/Leica-CloudWorx-for-AutoCAD_6517.htm

Sure there are more great contenders out there.  I got you started.  It’s your turn..go find them.

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