Preserve Original Layers for Land Desktop Points

Convert Land Desktop Points


You have a Land Desktop drawing containing points.  You want to convert the points to Civil 3D points.  You also want to keep those points on their original layers.  When you convert the points the Civil 3D points are all on layer V-NODE.  How do you keep the original layers?

The drawing template _AutoCAD Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS.dwt is used to create new drawings in Civil 3D 2011.  This is the “straight out of the box” configuration. Insert an existing Land Desktop drawing containing points into a new drawing created using this template.  If you simply open the Land Desktop Drawing you won’t have your Civil 3D Styles to work with in that drawing.

The key to preserving the original layers is to set “Disable Description Keys” to True.  Leaving it at the default setting of False will cause all converted points to go to the V-NODE layer as set in the Command settings for Point Creation.

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