3d laser scanning conference report

SPAR2010 3d laser scanning conference. A whole new world of business opportunities.

SPAR2010I attended the SPAR2010 conference in Houston last week.  Terrestrial LiDAR is where I see new opportunities for traditional survey firms.  The process piping, mining, and transportation sectors are all becoming aware of the benefits of this technology as well as the architectural, archeaological, and forensic science professions.  This is your chance to get on the bus and get a good seat.  The win-win benefits for all stakeholders are real and measurable.

The key benefits of 3d laser scanning are the big cost savings, time savings, higher quality deliverables and better site safety aspects.  Learn more about this growing industry at http://www.sparllc.com/.  Also check out LiDAR News.

Point Label Style in Civil 3D – Leader on wrong side

Point Label Style Dragged State with the leader attached to the wrong side of the label.

You are working in Civil 3D.  You grip a point, drag the label, get a leader, it all looks good until you drag the label to the left side of the point. In this post we will follow the steps necessary to edit the point label style to get the leader to look right on both sides of the point marker.

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Civil 3D Survey Field Codes Help on your Mobile Phone

Civil 3D 2010 Survey Field Codes Help on your Mobile Phone.

Civil 3D Survey Field Codes Help on your Mobile Phone (3min youtube video)

Your in the field collecting data.  You want to use a linework code compatible with Civil 3D 2010.  Now there’s help right on your Mobile Phone, where you need it,   when you need it.  Click HERE to go to the Field Codes mobile page.

3d Laser Scanning incorporated into a plan set

3d laser scan of a real estate project in Oviedo, FL Fly-over showing the point cloud.

Allen & Company is one of our customers involved in providing 3d laser scanning services.  They produced a very nice video of one of their projects.  See how they integrated the point cloud and digital photos into their plan set.  They also added value to their deliverable by doing a fly-over video showing the point cloud. This gives their audience a better sense of the scope and scale of the project using an animated 3d tour.   Continue reading “3d Laser Scanning incorporated into a plan set”

Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010

Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010 are not displayed by default. Use this clever and convenient technique to get Toolbars to display.

You open Civil 3D 2010 and choose the Civil 3D Complete Workspace.  The Ribbon looks great but there are no Toolbars turned on.  I’ll show you a quick way to get a Toolbar to display.  Continue reading “Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010”

Windows 7 – Home? Pro? Ultimate? 64 bit? Get the answers here.

Win_7Windows 7 is here. Now what? Which one is right for me? There is a Home Edition, a Professional Edition, and an Ultimate Edition.   What about 64 bit?  These are some answers I found by browsing the following links.

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Keyboard Repeat Rate too slow

Want to get your cursor to move faster when you press and hold one of the arrow keys? This is called the Keyboard Repeat rate.

I hit the right or left arrow key and hold it down and the cursor just takes its sweet time moving.  You have the Repeat rate slider bar already pegged to the fastest setting in Control Panel > Keyboard settings.  What can you do to speed things up? Continue reading “Keyboard Repeat Rate too slow”

Civil 3D 2010 Service Pack? How do you tell what version?

Updated 2010-01-02.  As I was browsing the Civil 3D Reminders blog searching for another solution I happened to glance at the Civil 3D 2010 Version post.  After checkin my version after installing the Advantage Pack it seems this Version thing is still a moving target. Continue reading “Civil 3D 2010 Service Pack? How do you tell what version?”

Raster Design 2010 Unknown Command

Path problems after installation of Raster Design can cause Unknown Command Errors.

Are you getting an error trying to launch AutoCAD Raster Design 2010?

C:Program FilesAutoCAD Raster Design 2010AeciUi51.arx cannot find a dll or other file that it needs.
Unknown command “IINSERT”.  Press F1 for help.

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