Labels for Assemblies

Create a Label for an Assembly and Subassemblies using a Field within an MLEADER.  The advantage is there is a constant link between the label and the subassembly.  I frequently rename subassemblies when I am trying to organize my project for greater clarity.  Often I have to look at an assembly and remember what subassemblies I used or even just the assembly name for that matter.  The How To details are described next.

Using a Field to get the Subassembly Name for a Leader Label

  1. Create an MLEADER Style
  2. Populate the Contents with a Field set to Object
  3. Create MLEADERS by copying the first one you create but don’t worry about the text content yet. 
  4. Edit each MLEADER’s text and Edit the Field  (The drudgery is that you must individually edit each MLEADER’s text to select the corresponding subassembly.)
  5. Select the object using the select object button within the Edit Field dialog and Pick the Subassembly
  6. Choose the Name property of the Subassembly.  OK to Close the dialog

Now when you rename the subassembly as you are working the label updates and you always have the name displayed, a huge convenience for the rest of the project, it’s heirs and assigns.  This same trick works when you select the Assembly marker to label the assembly.

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