Keyboard Repeat Rate too slow

I hit the right or left arrow key and hold it down and the cursor just takes its sweet time moving.  You have the Repeat rate slider bar already pegged to the fastest setting in Control Panel > Keyboard settings.  What can you do to speed things up?

Do a quick registry hack and you’re back in control of just how fast you want to go.

This is what I found works in Windows XP.

  1. Start > Run and type REGEDIT in the command window.
  2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelKeyboard
  3. Edit the KeyboardSpeed value (mine was set to 31) A value of 80 or 90 seemed to be fast enough
  4. Click OK to close RegEdit.

Now try opening a document and moving your cursor across the page by holding down the left or right arrow on the keyboard.  Yeah, just what the doctor ordered.

I found this info at PowerBuilder

You may have noticed some more keyboard settings in the Accessibility key.  This requires you to enable Windows Accessibility settings.  Hold off on making changes here.  You could trigger some unwanted behavior.

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