Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010

You open Civil 3D 2010 and choose the Civil 3D Complete Workspace.  The Ribbon looks great but there are no Toolbars turned on.  I’ll show you a quick way to get a Toolbar to display.  If you had just one Toolbar showing you could right click it and gain access to other Toolbars.  Try this…

Type -TOOLBAR on the command line.  Make sure you use the hyphen before the command name to get the command line version of the Toolbar command.  Type STANDARD when prompted for the name of the Toolbar.  Now you have the Standard Toolbar open.

Once you have a Toolbar open you can dock it.  This will create some unused space in the dockable area that you can right click to get a shortcut menu of the other available menu groups containing their Toolbar definitions.

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