Civil 3D 2011 – Importing Styles and Settings

In Civil 3D 2011 there are two new commands to help with importing styles. Peter Funk explained them in a Civil 3D discussion group post.  In case the link goes dead I copied the post below.

(The Subscription Advantage Pack has added a dialog to these commands making them much easier to use.)     


Verbatim from Peter’s post: 


This tool will grab styles from any selected file and transfer them into the current file. 


This tool will grab styles and settings from any selected file and transfer them into the current file.


These commands will prompt (at the command line) for a template (dwg or dwt) file that will be used as the source for the styles/settings. Then all the style/settings from the source drawing will be added to the current drawing. All the styles will be imported.
NOTE: the styles in the source drawing “win” – that is the current drawing is modified to match the template file.
NOTE 2: This is a command line only prompt – there is no file dialog by design. This was done so that the command could be scripted to run on a set of files.  


  •  The routine will ask for a path to the DWT or DWG file to be used as the source. It’s asking for Path and Filename. For example, this is what the routine wants;
    C:My FilesCivil 3D 2011.dwt
  • DO NOT assume that because you have spaces, you need to enclose this in quotes; the routine will just end without notification. If it appears to have done nothing, it’s very likely you spelled something wrong.
  • This routine currently appears not to affect anything other than the styles and their direct settings. Meaning, no settings seem to be imported from the Edit Drawing Settings, or Edit Label Style Defaults, or Object Layers, or Ambient Settings sections. “




Enter path for template file <C:UsersBrian-3appdatalocalautodeskc3d
2011enutemplate>: C:UsersBrian-3AppDataLocalAutodeskC3D
2011enuTemplate_AutoCAD Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS.dwt
Duplicate definition of block STA  ignored.
Duplicate definition of block bound  ignored.   



I found it easier to copy/paste the path from the address bar in Windows Explorer.  You can browse to the Template folder quickly by RClicking  Toolspace > Prospector (Master View) > Drawing Template and then choose Open Containing Folder as shown in the image.

The Subscription Advantage Pack adds this functionality to the Toolbox tab on the Toolspace.  The big convenience is it has a file selection dialog integrated with this feature.

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