Sheet Sets – Fields Do Not Update in Title Block

I was having difficulty updating fields in my title block. I would make a change in the sheet set and REGEN but none of the attributes containing fields linked to the sheet set work. I had it working when I first inserted the block. What I found to work is using the UPDATEFIELD command but that was very inefficient. Continue reading “Sheet Sets – Fields Do Not Update in Title Block”

Point Label Style in Civil 3D – Leader on wrong side

Point Label Style Dragged State with the leader attached to the wrong side of the label.

You are working in Civil 3D.  You grip a point, drag the label, get a leader, it all looks good until you drag the label to the left side of the point. In this post we will follow the steps necessary to edit the point label style to get the leader to look right on both sides of the point marker.

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Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010

Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010 are not displayed by default. Use this clever and convenient technique to get Toolbars to display.

You open Civil 3D 2010 and choose the Civil 3D Complete Workspace.  The Ribbon looks great but there are no Toolbars turned on.  I’ll show you a quick way to get a Toolbar to display.  Continue reading “Displaying Toolbars in Civil 3D 2010”

Civil 3D 2010 Service Pack? How do you tell what version?

Updated 2010-01-02.  As I was browsing the Civil 3D Reminders blog searching for another solution I happened to glance at the Civil 3D 2010 Version post.  After checkin my version after installing the Advantage Pack it seems this Version thing is still a moving target. Continue reading “Civil 3D 2010 Service Pack? How do you tell what version?”

Raster Design 2010 Unknown Command

Path problems after installation of Raster Design can cause Unknown Command Errors.

Are you getting an error trying to launch AutoCAD Raster Design 2010?

C:Program FilesAutoCAD Raster Design 2010AeciUi51.arx cannot find a dll or other file that it needs.
Unknown command “IINSERT”.  Press F1 for help.

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