Civil 3D Performance – OS and hardware tips included

Brian Kling from Autodesk describes the hardware, software, operating system characteristics that affect Civil 3D performance.  This was published in 2009 so it addresses Civil 3d 2010.  Civil 3d 2010 is only available as a 32bit application.  Civil 3d 2011 is both 32bit and 64bit compatible.

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Performance Tips for Civil 3D 2011

Autodesk has created a video outlining ways you can improve the performance of Civil 3d 2011.  It discusses performance tests comparing Civil 3D settings for points, surfaces, labels, corridor models and more.  You won’t find any discussions on hardware, operating systems, or AutoCAD settings. Those topics are covered in a related post.

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Creating a new folder in Win 7 using DATE as the name

Do you have a need to create a folder with the current date as the folder name?  I create a “Received” folder in each job folder structure.  When I get new files I put them in a subfolder with the current date formatted as 2010-05-27 so they sort chronologically. 

I do this so often that I wanted to put a command in Windows Explorer that would create the folder for me automatically.  Now, I can browse to any folder, right click on a folder, and pick the command New (DATE) Folder.  No typing, one click and it is done.  To add this command to the Context Menu in Windows Explorer I did a quick and easy edit to the registry.  I have used this registry hack for years in WinXP but found no blog posts on how to do the same in Win 7….until now. Continue reading “Creating a new folder in Win 7 using DATE as the name”

Hardware specs for new computer to run Civil 3D

Finding the right computer specs that will run AutoCAD Civil 3D the fastest without overspending on stuff that does not matter.

Trying to decide what hardware to put into your new computer to run AutoCAD Civil 3D?  This takes some research of your own and relying on what other people say.  You may still walk away wondering if you picked the right components.  Here is what I have compiled from a variety of sources to help you cut down the time it takes to research your hardware list. Continue reading “Hardware specs for new computer to run Civil 3D”

Point Label Style in Civil 3D – Leader on wrong side

Point Label Style Dragged State with the leader attached to the wrong side of the label.

You are working in Civil 3D.  You grip a point, drag the label, get a leader, it all looks good until you drag the label to the left side of the point. In this post we will follow the steps necessary to edit the point label style to get the leader to look right on both sides of the point marker.

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Windows 7 – Home? Pro? Ultimate? 64 bit? Get the answers here.

Win_7Windows 7 is here. Now what? Which one is right for me? There is a Home Edition, a Professional Edition, and an Ultimate Edition.   What about 64 bit?  These are some answers I found by browsing the following links.

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Keyboard Repeat Rate too slow

Want to get your cursor to move faster when you press and hold one of the arrow keys? This is called the Keyboard Repeat rate.

I hit the right or left arrow key and hold it down and the cursor just takes its sweet time moving.  You have the Repeat rate slider bar already pegged to the fastest setting in Control Panel > Keyboard settings.  What can you do to speed things up? Continue reading “Keyboard Repeat Rate too slow”