Civil 3d 2012 Transportation Extension is available

New Features of the Civil 3d 2012 Transportation Extension found under the Utilities and Drivers page.

  • Check alignment geometry – enables users to check alignment
    geometry for tangency conditions, and automatically fix inconsistencies.
  • Show / Hide Labels – enables users to show and hide all Civil 3D labels.
  • Surface high / Low points – enables users to automatically generate Civil 3D points at surface high/low points.
  • Export Civil Data (to survey formats – RD5 and TP5) – enables
    users to export Civil 3D alignments, profiles, and corridors to a TDS
    .rd5 roadway file and/or .tp5 template file.
  • Import Raw Data (imports Star*Net data) – enables users to import a Star*Net .dat file.
  • Create surface from photogrammetric data – provides a simple
    import functionality for surface creation from layer based AutoCAD 3D
    linework and points (lines, arcs, polylines, and point entities residing
    on user selected layers).  Additionally, the utility allows users to
    append AutoCAD entities to an existing surface.
  • 11 Reports – globally beneficial

This description was politely borrowed from the Readme file that comes with this Extension.  Thank you Autodesk.